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Capturing Wedding's Candid Moments : How to feel comfortable in front of the camera

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love story, a day filled with laughter, tears, and cherished moments. To ensure these precious moments are captured in their true essence, it's essential to feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Here are some valuable tips to help you achieve candid and heartwarming photos that reflect your genuine emotions:

Candid Moments - Elopement in Massachusetts Horticultural Society - Garden at Elm Bank
Elopement in Massachusetts Horticultural Society - Garden at Elm Bank

1. Connect with Your Photographer: Building a Bridge of Trust: Start the journey by connecting with your photographer on a personal level. A simple phone call can work wonders. Share your style preferences, camera shyness, and even your love story. Opening up about your story helps your photographer understand you and your partner better. Don't hesitate to discuss your preferred side, angles, and any insecurities you might have. The stronger the connection, the more at ease you'll feel when the camera starts clicking.

Candid moments - Wedding in The Oceanview of Nahant
Fiona and Sahil's wedding in The Oceanview of Nahant

2. Practice for Perfection

During the wedding preparation process, you've probably envisioned yourself in various poses from those dreamy wedding photos you've seen. Create a Pinterest board filled with poses you adore and practice them with your partner. As the big day arrives, you'll find that these practiced poses flow naturally in the right moments. Consider scheduling a pre-wedding photoshoot or an engagement session. These sessions are like dress rehearsals, helping you get accustomed to the photographer's style and letting your genuine chemistry shine.

Candid moments - first dance
Huong Ly and Phi Vu was practicing first dance in the Sunset

3. Embrace Natural, Relaxed Gestures

When it comes to intimate moments, remember that less is often more. Instead of exaggerated actions, focus on natural and unhurried gestures. A slow, heartfelt kiss is more camera-friendly than an overly passionate one. These gentle interactions translate beautifully into candid shots that evoke genuine emotions.

Candid moment, relaxed pose
Manasa and Gergley Engagement photoshoot

4. Stay Relaxed and Unscripted

While posed photos have their place, the real magic lies in the unscripted moments. During posed shots, shift your focus from the camera to your partner. Engage in light-hearted conversations, share jokes, and relive cherished memories together. Genuine laughter and shared emotions create breathtaking candid photos that reflect your true selves. If your photographer asks you to whisper something to each other, talk about your first meal as a married couple or your favorite drink at the bar later in the evening.

Candid moments
Ramon and Tuyen raise their glasses for the first time as a married couple

5. Love, Not the Lens, Matters Most

Instead of fixating on the camera, concentrate on the deep connection you share with your partner. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, and every moment should reflect that. Embrace the joy and happiness of the occasion, letting go of any self-consciousness. By immersing yourselves in the significance of the day, your expressions will naturally radiate authenticity.

Candid moments - First dance - Black and white photo
Vinh and Suong in their first dance

6. Embrace Imperfections and Take It Easy

Your wedding day might come with unexpected twists and turns. Remember that perfection isn't the goal—joy and love are. Allow yourselves to let loose, even if things don't go exactly as planned. Your first dance might not be flawless, but it will be a cherished memory that adds character to your story. Embrace imperfections, take a deep breath, and smile, knowing that the true beauty lies in the moments that unfold naturally.

Candid moments - Flower girl
Kristin and her flower girl

7. Breathe and Embrace Patience

Authentic moments take time to unfold. Take deep breaths, be patient, and allow the genuine emotions of the day to surface naturally. Your photographer will be ready to capture those unscripted interactions that showcase the depth of your love. With patience and trust, your wedding album will be filled with candid snapshots that tell the beautiful story of your day.

Candid moments - first kiss
Paul and Thuong's first kiss in their ceremony at The City of Cambrigde City Hall

Your wedding day is a reflection of your love story, and your photos should capture the essence of that story. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to feeling comfortable, relaxed, and utterly yourself in front of the camera. Embrace the moments, be present in your emotions, and watch as your wedding day is beautifully documented in candid, heartwarming photographs that you'll treasure forever.

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